null Genelec brings clarity to the renowned Berghs School of Communication

Genelec brings clarity to the renowned Berghs School of Communication


Stockholm, Sweden, January 2024… Established in 1941, Berghs School of Communication is a world-leader in communication, offering an advanced curriculum that covers everything from brand strategy to content design, illustration, marketing and art direction. When the school made the move to the newly developed Gasverket – a former gas plant in Stockholm that is now home to a growing community of cultural, educational, and social enterprises – it required a reliable and flexible audio solution. Working alongside Stockholm-based integrators Scan AV, Berghs chose a Genelec Smart IP loudspeaker system for its new venture.

“We moved to a new building and needed high-quality audio in the open areas,” begins Bosse Hjerpe, facility manager at Berghs. “We turned to Scan AV for a solution that was flexible and – due to cost reasons – networked. The building was empty and needed to be equipped with everything, so a networked solution was much cheaper.”

Dragan Nedeljkovic, audio integrator at Scan AV, adds: “I’ve known Genelec for a while and my experience of working with Smart IP has been excellent, so I wanted to continue to implement this technology. I know all the advantages of a networked solution, so I asked Berghs to install the initial infrastructure with lots of network outlets, which gave us the flexibility to design the system however we liked.”

Berghs’ new home in the Gasverket is in a central part of the newly developed Norra Djurgårdsstaden district, a former industrial part of Stockholm that is currently undergoing intensive modernisation. Aiming to be complete by 2029/30, the finished project will be home to restaurants, hotels, concert halls and more – paying homage to Stockholm’s forward thinking industrial innovation.

The Berghs project began with a network that spanned all three storeys of the building, allowing Scan AV to cover the required areas with ease whilst offering the flexibility to adapt the sound system as needed. Berghs’ previous campus was powered by over 30 Genelec 4020 installation models. The new system at Gasverket comprises 24 Genelec 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers, alongside eight of the previously used 4020 models that were brought over to be used as auditorium fills.

The Smart IP loudspeakers are distributed throughout the building, with a Xilica FR-1 DSP connected via Dante to the loudspeakers – giving Berghs full control over the system. Smart IP models offer power, audio and loudspeaker management over just one CAT cable, which ticked all the boxes for Berghs, including cost-effectiveness and simplicity of installation.

Zone one covers an open area between the entrance and the classrooms, as well as an informal hangout space and study area for students. Zone two covers the reception area and café, while zone three is a large open workspace. Zone four covers Berghs’ co-working area and zone five plays audio over an open elevated office space that is used by teachers, academics and their administration team.

To configure and calibrate the new system, Scan AV made full use of Genelec’s Smart IP Manager software, which is key to addressing the needs of installers. It solves common and project-specific audio problems quickly and easily, ensuring that the Smart IP system performs at its best.

“The entire building that Berghs now inhabits is equipped with integrated networked AV systems,” furthers Nedeljkovic. “Audio, video and system control are all placed on Berghs’ physical network and supply large meeting and auditorium functionality to the school’s bigger events.

“Everything is connected on one, easily accessible PoE+ powered network that spans four server rooms. This was key to the brief that we first received from Berghs. Their system includes a variety of AVoIP units, mixing consoles, cameras, projectors, control systems and Dante audio connections, all living on one network that easily integrates with the Smart IP range.”

Incorporating a Smart IP solution into its new space at Gasverket means that Berghs can continue its goal of educating the “top communicators of tomorrow” using sustainable, reliable and powerful technology from Genelec. Its new campus is just the beginning of what can be achieved in this up-and-coming corner of central Stockholm.

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