F Two Active Subwoofer

The F Two compact subwoofer is designed to complement G Series speakers up to and including the G Four, offering extended, controlled low frequency performance and award-winning aesthetic design.


103 dB

Frequency Response

27 Hz - 85 Hz (-6dB)


H 300 x W 362 x D 362 mm, (view in inches)

Tailored performance

The F Two is a little larger than its F One sibling and as a result can extend right down to 27 Hz with a maximum SPL of 103 dB. It shares the F One’s precise, controlled characteristics, with onboard room response controls and bass management enabling you to precisely tailor the performance of your system to your room, allowing your main speakers to focus more efficiently on the rest of the frequency spectrum.

The ultimate hub

The newly upgraded F Two also features analogue plus optical and coaxial digital inputs, automatic input detection and a range of remote control options - making it the ultimate hub for your home audio system. The system playback level can then be conveniently controlled by the F Two’s wireless volume control, plus the F Two is also capable of learning IR remote control commands and supporting an optional wired volume control.


F Two (B) Active Subwoofer White

F Two (B) Active Subwoofer Black

Package contains:

1 x F Two subwoofer
1 x mains cable 1,8 m
1 x IR extension cable
1 x wireless remote control
1 x quick setup guide

Color options:

Technical Specifications


103 dB

Amplifier Power

150 W Bass (Class D)

Frequency Response

27 Hz - 85 Hz ("-6 dB")

Driver Dimensions

205 mm Bass (view in inches)


H 300 x W 362 x D 362 mm, (view in inches)


8.5 kg / 18.7 lb


1 x Toslink S/PDIF Input

1 x RCA AES/EBU Input

3 x RCA Analog Input

3 x RCA Analog Output

2 x XLR Analog Output

Key Technologies

Bass Management System

Active Crossovers

Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology

Optimized Amplifiers

Protection Circuitry

Room Response Compensation

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