Game Audio Production

Game audio production has become the cutting-edge of modern recording technology, and its extremely complex soundscapes demand absolutely flawless studio monitoring.

Reality check

Sound is crucially important in the creation of atmosphere and realism in games, and like a big movie production relies on a stellar combination of music, effects and dialogue to draw the player in and keep them truly engaged. The bar is constantly being raised, and to create believable game audio you need pro reference monitoring that you can trust - implicitly.

Coherency counts

With today’s complex, dynamic game storylines, you need coherency of sound – which is why the controlled directivity and neutral, uncoloured performance of Genelec monitors have made them the number one choice of game sound designers across the globe. Only Genelec allows you to pinpoint and evaluate the finest details of dense, fast-moving multi-channel soundscapes.

Challenges we can help you with

Handling complex mixes

The more dynamic and involving your mixes become, the more you start to find out just how good your monitors are.

Our aim has always been to give you monitors that allow you to hear the unvarnished truth – without hype or colouration – because only then can you stop listening to the monitor, and start focusing on what’s important: the content.

Every single aspect of our designs contributes to this. Our rounded enclosures reduce edge diffractions, the unique shape of our waveguides controls directivity, and the revolutionary point source concept of The Ones provides levels of precise coherency that allows sound designers to work for long hours, even at ultra-nearfield distances. Positioning, levelling and EQ’ing sounds becomes so much easier, allowing you to work faster and with more accuracy.

Consistency between rooms

Whatever the room sizes and listening distances in your facility, Genelec will help you achieve an amazing degree of sonic consistency.

From our most compact nearfield to our largest full-range monitor, our users will tell you how consistent the sound is across the entire range. Every model carries the same Genelec DNA that results in neutral playback, amazing directivity and a wide sweet spot with a distinct lack of colouration both on and off axis. Add to that the ability to optimise our monitors for each of your rooms using our onboard room compensation EQ - or the GLM calibration software feature of our smart active monitors – and you have the perfect monitor family for equipping a multi-room game development facility.

This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everyone in your audio team will feel comfortable, confident and creative from the get-go.

Working in immersive

The advent of immersive audio has empowered game developers to create ever more involving, dynamic audio experiences with fantastic levels of envelopment.

But even if the final delivery to the player takes place via headphones, producing immersive content that translates universally to all playback systems can only be achieved with a well-aligned in-room loudspeaker monitoring system.

We’ve predicted the growth in small immersive rooms by developing a wide range of extremely compact smart active monitors that all produce a supremely flat frequency response out of the box, but can then adapt themselves to your unique space by auto-aligning the level, frequency response and distance delay of each monitor and subwoofer in your system, via GLM software. No other brand gives you this level of control when working in immersive.

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