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Whether your tunes are being played out on a club sound system or a bluetooth home speaker, trust Genelec to help your music sound mint - anywhere.

lds lumberjack White 8351 Upgrade SAM™ Studio Monitor

Don’t believe the hype

Few musical genres can match the intensity of dance music, and the audio equipment now available to the DJ Producer is truly staggering. But accurate studio monitors are absolutely essential in letting you hear how your mix REALLY sounds - without any artificial hype. With Genelec, you can mix knowing that your audience will experience your music exactly the same way that you do.


Loud….but clear

As a DJ Producer we know that you need monitors that go loud - and offer both power and extended bass response. The beauty of Genelec monitors is that they provide all the energy you need to really feel the music - while still delivering the neutral reference that’s so important in creating a great mix.

Challenges we can help you with

Sounding great in the club

You’ve probably been there: your mix is absolutely banging in the studio, but you take it to the club and….oh, what happened?

Alas, this is common with inferior ‘DJ speakers’, which lack the detail and flat frequency response needed for true reference monitoring. They'll mask the finer details of your music and often over-emphasise the bass - so you then reduce the LF level, ending up with a ‘bass-light’ mix when played back on other systems.

By contrast, Genelec will reveal any slight imperfections in your mix, and you can really start to reliably adjust both kick and bass. And since Genelec monitors can easily be tuned to your room, it means that you can compensate for any artificial LF boost it might introduce - ensuring a flat response in whatever space you’re working in.

Trusting what you hear

Whether checking balance at low levels or cranking the mix up to feel some energy, you need to hear the truth.

For reliable mixing - and to protect your hearing - we always recommend monitoring at a consistent and sensible level, but there will always be times when you’ll want to elevate the playback level a little for short periods to help the vibe of a track.

Irrespective of their size, all Genelec studios monitors deliver high SPL - especially at low frequencies. And while some monitors start to sound brittle and unbalanced at higher playback levels, with Genelec you can always trust that what you’re hearing when monitoring loud will still be an uncoloured and neutral reference, with reduced listener fatigue even on longer sessions.

Big rooms, small rooms

These days you could be writing or recording music anywhere – in a commercial studio, your own studio, a bedroom or a hotel room.

Because of this Genelec offers an unrivalled range of monitors from the largest full-range monitor to the most diminutive portable nearfield model, with an extensive family of complementary subwoofers to further optimise your LF performance.

So whether you are sitting in your own large control room or need a pair of compact monitors to bag up and take with you on tour, Genelec has a solution for you. Don’t forget that every Genelec monitor offers room correction EQ, so whatever environment you’re working in you can optimise your monitors for your acoustic space within minutes.


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