null Kajaani University partners with Genelec to create Audio Production Hub

Kajaani University partners with Genelec to create Audio Production Hub


Kajaani, Finland, October 2022... Finland’s Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) has entered into a long-term partnership with Genelec Oy, the Iisalmi-based manufacturer of active loudspeaker monitoring systems, to develop an Audio Production Hub within the university’s campus. This innovative venue will grow over the next few months with plans for a podcast studio, digital audio design unit, immersive gaming centre, streaming studio and more. Each of the spaces will be equipped with a selection of Genelec studio monitoring systems.

The goal of this collaboration is to provide additional opportunities for students within various degrees, including Esports Business and Game Development, to explore the world of immersive audio design while allowing for incredible event production capabilities for the on-site professional esports organization, KAMK.GG, which is wholly run by the university’s students.

As a nation, Finland has a distinguished involvement with the world of gaming, and the country has produced some of the world’s most celebrated and successful game development companies. Academia has also played a significant role in this success, through KAMK’s own Game Development degree – which was one of the first courses of its kind. KAMK’s subsequent Esports Business degree has very few equivalents, making Kajaani an attractive destination for students the world over.

Richard Withers, Esports Development Manager at KAMK and COO of KAMK.GG said “As a university and brand with a truly international focus, it is always an exciting opportunity for us to be able to collaborate with local Finnish organisations who share a similar mindset of global development. Genelec is a world-renowned leader in the audio market, and we are thrilled to assist with bringing their technology to the gaming space.”

Siamäk Naghian, Genelec Managing Director, added “We have a long and proud history of collaborating with academic institutions around the world to help nurture the next generation of talented individuals. We are also passionate about technical innovation, and the cutting edge world of game audio and immersive sound design is without doubt one of the most exciting areas of our industry right now. We are truly excited to see what the students at KAMK can create with their new Production Hub!”

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